If you haven't been to The Old Pad Lately, you haven't been to The Old Pad!
Welcome to The Old Pad!
The Old Pad was established in the mid to late 50’s and has been in it’s current location since 1964. Originally named The Paddock it’s name changed to The Pad during the heyday years in the 70’s and early 80’s featuring some rather famous Oregon alumni including Steve Prefontaine and former UO great and NFL hall of fame quarterback Dan Fouts.

After a few other name changes and sitting vacant for approximately 3 years it was purchased by Don and Cheryl McCabe in 1991 and renamed The Old Pad. Don and Cheryl operated this legacy establishment until it was purchased by the current owner LaMonte Cherrick in 2005. During that time a young hot shot bartender named Nick Sams was LaMonte’s first bar manager and was recently made a partner in 2013.

LaMonte and Nick work hard to uphold the traditions of The Old Pad and pay homage to it’s roots, the neighborhood, and the South Eugene community as a whole. Come down and check out one of the oldest original neighborhood bars in Eugene and enjoy a wide selection of micro and domestic brews on tap, a unique cocktail selection, and some of the best NW bar cuisine around. 

The Old Pad ® 3355 E Amazon Drive Eugene,OR 97405                                                                             Hours - 8am to 2:30am
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